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Chloe Hawk is a cowgirl from Cleveland who is obsessed with cats.

Mel Moneypenny is a personal trainer from Greenville who is obsessed with taking selfies.

Karla Bobbleton is a killer from Cornwall who always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Roxie Repp is a movie star from Kyiv who has particularly vivid dreams.

Sheri Van Daesdonk is an accountant from Windsor who can see the future.

Nikki Finks is a singer from Londonderry who loves baseball.

Isha Janus is a fairy from New Delhi who is obsessed with unsolved murders.

Maeve Stevenson is a girl from Roseville who only eats chips.

Celia Aaron is a personal trainer from West Des Moines who saves lives on a regular basis.

Erin Tien Lee is a princess from Tallahassee who is obsessed with unsolved murders.

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Generate a plot one line at a time. This allows you to carefully drive the direction of your story, unlike our other plot generators which usually require just one or two steps. We pick a small shortlist of suggested lines for you to choose from. You can either use one of those or request a new list of candidates. Once you've chosen a line, you move onto the next one. Our lines are loaded with random names, occupations and locations, to help inspire you.

Line By Line Plot Generator

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