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Melanie Shreffler is a busybody from Bridgend who believes in ghosts.

Paullina Lowrance is a movie star from Buffalo who lives by a rigid moral code.

Devashish Cate is an actor from Albuquerque who has a wooden leg.

Kristiane Flynn is a princess from Anchorage who is afraid of sheep.

Minette Squiers is an angel from Taunton who lost an arm fighting for her country.

Kimberly Mendoza is an angel from Reykjavik who loves to collect stickers.

Gwendoline Spade is a singer from Inverness who falls in love at the drop of a hat.

Roxanne Wein is a pop star from Budapest who is driven by grief.

Penelope Miles is a student from Seattle who saves lives on a regular basis.

Frederick Cole is an accountant from Lethbridge who loves swimming.

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Generate a plot one line at a time. This allows you to carefully drive the direction of your story, unlike our other plot generators which usually require just one or two steps. We pick a small shortlist of suggested lines for you to choose from. You can either use one of those or request a new list of candidates. Once you've chosen a line, you move onto the next one. Our lines are loaded with random names, occupations and locations, to help inspire you.

Line By Line Plot Generator

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