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Chad Kalicicki is a nurse from Taunton who works for the devil.

Tommy Still is a soldier from Poole who is proficient at several martial arts.

Paula Weger is a detective from Santa Clara who feels it's his duty to protect others.

David Congdon is a politician from Porto Alegre who is severely agoraphobic.

Ray BSc is a plumber from Makati who always hangs out with celebrities.

Geoff Kizer is a man from Greenville who is obsessed with vampires.

Thorn Pratt is a shepherd from Farnborough who falls in love at the drop of a hat.

Eden Le Sueur is a tutor from Malaysia who always carries a gun.

Brant Winfield is an electrician from Cedar Rapids who is incredibly inquisitive.

Sven Krush is a lord from Temecula who is driven by vengeance.

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