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Blair Yarwood is a gentleman from Trowbridge who always carries a gun.

Aleks Arlidge is a politician from Fresno who is particularly brave.

Jolin Ridgway is a fire fighter from Fulton who saves lives on a regular basis.

Matty MRojo is a pilot from Pittsburgh who only eats sausages.

Syd Still is a virgin from Cairo who has a robot hand.

Kane Merrick is an accountant from Rochdale who protests inequality.

Harry Slaughter is a golfer from Cheney who loves baseball.

Dane Vine is a plumber from Austin who always hangs out with celebrities.

Eli Ranalli is an engineer from Chester who loves baseball.

Troy Bonds is an athlete from Grand Rapids who can see the future.

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Generate a plot one line at a time. This allows you to carefully drive the direction of your story, unlike our other plot generators which usually require just one or two steps. We pick a small shortlist of suggested lines for you to choose from. You can either use one of those or request a new list of candidates. Once you've chosen a line, you move onto the next one. Our lines are loaded with random names, occupations and locations, to help inspire you.

Line By Line Plot Generator

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