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Hunting With the Vampire

Hunting With the Vampire

A Teen Vampire Story
by Curls

There's a Badass new boy in Winston and he has everybody talking. Stunningly light brown hair and devastatingly bow legs, all the boys want him. However, Castiel has a secret - he's a Drinker vampire.

Dean Winchester is a Loyal, Green eyes boy who enjoys Reading. He becomes fascinated by Castiel who can stop Wrenches with his bare hands. He doesn't understand why he's so standoffish.

His best friend, a zoik Demon called Sam, helps Dean begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon - the Sleek, Black Knife.

When bodies start turning up all over Winston, Dean begins to fear the worst. The Demon urges her to report Castiel to the police and he knows he should, so what's stopping him?

He may resist Castiel's bite, but can he resist his charms?

Will he be caught Hunting with the vampire?

Praise for Hunting With the Vampire

"Bursting with originality. A Loyal boy falling for a light brown hair vampire has simply never been done before."
- The Daily Tale
"About as moving as a cow stuck in a bog, but Hunting With the Vampire does deliver an important message about not having a Demon for a friend."
- Enid Kibbler
"A Sleek, Black Knife would be my first choice too. This must be based on a true story, you couldn't make this stuff up!"
- Hit the Spoof
"I could do better."
- Zob Gloop

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