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10 Opening Line Ideas

85 years old and I've never missed anyone as much as I miss Chantel.

In a spooky and dark woodland, my mother dreampt of more.

The key to a good friendship is not something I'll ever understand.

I would have lived longer if it weren't for Svetlana.

My name is Thorben Dempsey and I'll fight to prove it.

39 people have died trying to rescue Bess.

I have two things on my mind: hockey and the paranormal.

I always wanted to be slimmer - until it happened.

Do you find me interesting yet?

I would have become a writer if it weren't for Jazz.

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A blank page can be very daunting. Whether you've planned the perfect story or are suffering from writers' block, you still need to write that first line.

Use our opening line tool above to help inspire you to get started. It's ideal for novels, short stories and the opening line of dialogue in a movie or stage play.

Opening Line Generator

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