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50 Twist Ideas For 'Klonoa: Door to phantomile'

by Servoz+

1. It turns out they are all horses.

2. Ghadius . is actually Klonoa .'s son.

3. The beginning of the story was staged by Huepow . to try and make Klonoa .'s life more interesting.

4. Huepow . and Ghadius . are both manifestations of Klonoa .'s subconscious.

5. The story is just one iteration of an infinite loop.

6. Klonoa .'s dream was not a premonition and meant nothing.

7. Huepow . was adopted and didn't know.

8. Huepow . is really a vampire.

9. Klonoa . is the villain.

10. Huepow . is actually Klonoa .'s son.

11. A religious text shows that Klonoa . was always destined to save the day.

12. Klonoa . wasn't born but created in a lab.

13. The person claiming to be Ghadius . is actually an imposter.

14. Huepow . has secret powers resulting from being bitten by a flea.

15. Klonoa . is an imaginary friend.

16. The entire plot was a ruse designed to teach Huepow . a lesson.

17. Klonoa . used to be a celebrity but didn't realise as he has been suffering from amnesia.

18. The narrator is unreliable and half the plot never happened.

19. The person we think is the villain is actually working for a bigger villain.

20. The whole plot is a novel, rather than reality.

21. The whole things is not a story but a brainwashing tool used by the government.

22. The entire story is a figment of Klonoa .'s imagination. He is actually in jail.

23. It turns out they are all living in a computer game.

24. Klonoa . was stolen as a baby and brought up by kidnappers.

25. Earth has been destroyed and they're all living in a virtual reality.

26. A perceived misfortune in Klonoa .'s past was actually set up to protect him.

27. Huepow . has been possessed the whole time.

28. Huepow . poisoned Klonoa . at the beginning of the story, and it's taken the whole story to take effect.

29. Ghadius . is head of the criminal organisation they've been fighting.

30. Ghadius . is actually a 100-year-old man with a growth disorder.

31. Ghadius . isn't really autistic.

32. Ghadius . faked his own disappearance.

33. Huepow . has been an angel all along.

34. Huepow . has been dead all along.

35. Klonoa . is not really dead.

36. Ghadius . is actually a zombie.

37. Huepow . was just using Klonoa . to look good in court.

38. The goodies and the baddies all actually want the same outcome and have to work together in the end.

39. The entire story is Klonoa .'s hallucination whilst he is having an operation.

40. The whole plot is a premonition, not reality.

41. Ghadius .'s delirious ramblings are actually a premonition

42. Klonoa . is just a brain in a jar.

43. During the course of the story, Klonoa . picked up the secret to eternal life and therefore doesn't die.

44. It's really the year 2328.

45. The town they live in doesn't really exist.

46. Ghadius . was switched with another baby at birth.

47. It turns out Ghadius . only exists in the cloud.

48. Klonoa . turns to the dark side.

49. The whole thing is actually an origin story for a well-known franchise.

50. Ghadius . was bitten by a zombie much earlier in the story but signs were delayed.

Created on 4th September 2018.

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05th September 2018 a 01:53

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