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The The Moon Story

The The Moon Story

A Fantasy Novel
by Bertha Curtis

"I'm going to need spongey diapers, big, spongey diapers."

It was a time of terror. Lying, cheating, stealing lazy would eat each other in the street.

Only one man knows how to stop the terror. One lovable, kind man - Bladgast Fundermist.

Bladgast is a 25-year-old widget designer from the moon with a thirst for wolves.

He knows that to stop the lying, cheating, stealing lazy from continuing their dastardly deeds, he must betray his amazing girlfriend, Marigold Pensavine.

He gives up his boring life and travels to Poughkeepsie where he attends an important meteor strike and acquires some spongey diapers.

However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Bladgast. He is left with two options: stop the lying, cheating, stealing lazy in one hour, or allow the world to end in a ball of fire.

Created on 25th January 2018.

Auto Praise for The The Moon Story

"Never have there been more chilling villains than lying, cheating, stealing lazy that eat each other."
- The Daily Tale
"Are we seriously supposed to find a lovable and kind widget designer from the moon heroic?"
- Enid Kibbler

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