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Wate Kilkinson, the Gremlin

A Fantasy Novel
by Kate Wilkinson

In a bungalow there lived an urban, warped gremlin named Wate Kilkinson. Not a cold contented, important bungalow, filled with stamps and a splendid smell, nor yet a wide, deep, fluffy bungalow with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a gremlin-bungalow, and that means warmth.

One day, after a troubling visit from the robot Susan England, Wate leaves his bungalow and sets out in search of three fake dice. A quest undertaken in the company of elves, ogres and idyllic elves.

In the search for the robot-guarded dice, Wate Kilkinson surprises even himself with his braveness and skill as a doctor.

During his travels, Wate rescues a sausage, an heirloom belonging to Susan. But when Susan refuses to try sleeping, their friendship is over.

However, Susan is wounded at the Battle of Britain and the two reconcile just before Wate engages in some serious sleeping.

Wate accepts one of the three fake dice and returns home to his bungalow a very wealthy gremlin.

Created on 6th February 2020.

Auto Praise for Wate Kilkinson, the Gremlin

"A search for three fake dice was always going to be compelling. The addition of elves, ogres and elves just makes it even more awesome."
- The Daily Tale
"OMG! It's like Lord of the Rings with added ogres."
- One of the Kidz
"About as enjoyable as eating my own toes. I wish Susan had kept refusing to do any sleeping. The whole thing would have been a lot shorter."
- Enid Kibbler
"I love Susan. I would have liked to see more of her."
- Hit the Spoof
"I prefer the real Tolkien."
- Zob Gloop

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