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The Hero Of Bangkok

The Hero Of Bangkok

A Young Adult Novel
by Untitled writer

What would you do if you knew there were callous girls with shocking habits near the ones you love?

24-year-old Kathy Butterscotch lives a carefree life with her charming friend, Chris Wu, in Bangkok.

However, the housekeeper's life is turned upside down when she goes to a bar mitzvah in London where there are callous girls that like to terrify each other.

Sympathetic, gentle Kathy is shocked by this revelation and does not want girls to terrify each other anymore.

Certain that she's doing the right thing, she goes home and gets herself some wigs and ample weapons, then returns to London.

However, Kathy finds herself troubled by her carefree ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions. Will her conscience allow her to do whatever is needed to stop the callous girls?

Praise for The Hero Of Bangkok

"Never have there been more chilling villains than callous girls that terrify each other."
- The Daily Tale
"Are we seriously supposed to find a sympathetic and gentle housekeeper from Bangkok heroic?"
- Enid Kibbler

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